General Trading Terms

Spot – Refers to coffee already in warehouse and ready for delivery.

Pre-shipment Sample (PSS) refers to a sample from origin for coffee that is yet to ship

Contract Delivery Terms – Logistics Costs

These terms on the contract indicate the obligations of the two contracting parties. When comparing prices with other dealers, it is important to keep in mind that you may getting quotes but with different terms. The price will be rather different between two companies if one is including “FOT” (Freight On Truck aka Load Out Charges) while the other assumes you will be paying that cost and offering you basis “XW” (Ex-Warehouse).

Ex-Warehouse (XWH or EXWH)

The title of ownership of the coffee is transferred to the buyer while still in the warehouse. The buyer is now responsible for arranging their own pick up or can decide to keep it in the warehouse for a longer storage period at their expense. “Ex-Warehouse” also means that the load out charges are for the buyer’s expense.

Freight on Truck (FOT)

In the place of “XW”, “FOT” means that the load out charges are for the buyer’s expense.

Subject to Approval of Sample (SAS)

The contract is subject to the approval of a sample. In this case, “SAS” refers to a sample of a coffee that has already arrived in warehouse.

Subject to Approval of PSS sample (SAS/PSS)

Contract is subject to the approval of a pre-shipment sample from origin. If the sample is rejected, the seller is responsible for replacing it with another lot of coffee.

Subject to Approval of Sample, No Approval No Sale SAS/NANS

The contract is subject the approval of a “spot” sample. If the coffee is rejected, the contract is cancelled because is there is no replacement.